As a business coach is it better to grow your business online or do everything face to face?

There are pros and cons to each, figuring out if it’s better to coach online or face to face will be largely up to you and your individual circumstances.

However these days there is the increased ability to do your business fully online. There are so many tools available to let you conduct meetings, market yourself and network all from the comfort of your laptop.

If you like actually sitting there with your client, and being part of a business with a large team then that would suit you more. but the drawback to that is that you have a more limited area where you can find people to coach and in which you can operate. 

The big advantage these days is that you can do everything online, and this has become even more accepted due to recent events regarding covid. Remote working has become more socially acceptable, which is amazing for the coaching industry. When you operate online you can have clients anywhere.

One of our coaches Emmerson, form the UK, got his first client from Australia. 

What we recommend

Our recommendation would be that if you really love working with people face-to-face then obviously try and make that work.  However, keep in mind that there must be enough business in the area for you to be able to attract clients.

Whereas If you work online you open yourself up to everybody all over the world. All you need is a way to really differentiate yourself from other coaches, which is what we help you do as part of our Certified Partner Programme.

Zander Woodford-Smith

Founder Business Coach Academy, Co-Author International Best Seller "Better Business, Better Life, Better World. Coaching Tools used by over 20,000 people.

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