Today I want to share something important for you to think about and then put into action when you are back working on your business.

My first year as a coach was peppered with mistakes in every area. Assessment calls, sales meetings, over-delivering and marketing that did not work.

Over the Christmas period that first year, I had time to stop, reflect, revisit and refine what I was doing. I decided to sign myself as my own client!

What I mean by that, is that I created a file exactly as though I was a new client. I then systematically went through my complete coaching process and worksheets that I used with my clients. 

  • I did a 3-year orbit
  •  Created my 90-day plan
  • Wrote out a marketing plan
  • Set up dashboards to measure my K.P.I.s
  • Diarised exactly what I needed to do, every single day, every week to deliver my 90-day plan.

I followed my own recipe for business success and gaining exponential results that I shared with my clients. By using the 4 quadrants knowledge that I had learnt from Zander, I could really focus on what I had to accomplish. Every goal had its own quadrant and I had a master quadrant that covered every angle of growing and scaling my coaching business.

I placed a huge focus on running the coaching business as a business owner and I happened to be the principal coach in that business. As well as doing this, I created a quadrant to be the best coach that I could be for my clients.

Everything that I would ask of my clients, I asked of myself. Congruence!!

It massively helped me to grow my own coaching business.

Pam Featherstone

Pam is a world-renowned, multi-award-winning, business coach, entrepreneur, global trainer, speaker and author. She has over 36 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, and business planning.

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