The idea behind the Profit Coach coaching curriculum was developed in combination with the respective background experience of the two founders; Zander Woodford-Smith and Pam Featherstone. 

Zander had worked at Complete Coherence which is one of the top leadership development companies in the world. He also started his own business, Stryv, which helped over 20 000 people clarify and achieve their goals.

Pam Featherstone had already been a businesswoman for over 32 years. She was the #1 Highest Earning Coach Globally for the largest Business Coaching franchise in both 2015 and 2016. She was then asked to be their global trainer because of the incredible results she achieved in her own business and the shifts she made in clients.

How is the Programme unique?

A lot of companies only focus on one of the following aspects:

  • How to coach better
  • How to get clients better
  • How to retain clients 

Our programme is actually a combination of all three. Without this combination, the coaching knowledge you receive will not have the same longevity.

All three aspects are crucial to establishing a coaching business that allows you to have long-term clients that pay a recurring income.

The programme also goes into much more detail on specific sessions and the coaching plan. We cover the full spectrum from marketing, to setting up the sales call and eventually signing your client. 

Our proven copy and paste process generates results. Whether you are a beginner learning how to sign your first $1,000-$5,000 client and build a business coaching business from scratch, or a coach with experience wanting to hit the next level.

How is the coaching model different?

The framework is extremely comprehensive and delves into each system in granular detail. The course makes sure you hit every possible point that could get in your way. We provide you with the RIGHT questions to ask in order to provide the business owner with the clarity they need to overcome challenges and problems. 

We make it as easy as possible for you to implement every part of our system into your own business. You can choose to use our methods exactly as they are or you can tailor the framework to suit the individual needs of each client and your specific niche. 

Other programmes only focus on one area that you will need to grow a successful coaching business. You are then left to figure out the other two on your own. If you only learn one it’s like baking a cake without a key ingredient. Only when you have all the ingredients do you have the fastest way to be a 5 figure per month business coach

We ensure that each coach who completes our coaching model is equipped with everything they need to achieve business success. We do this by focusing on 3 important aspects of running a business.


This involves providing coaches with proven strategies to get more leads & sign more high-end recurring income clients.  99% of other marketing programmes leave out the most important part- copywriting. We, however, have hired the #1 Copywriter in the UK for coaches to write the messages and marketing templates for our members.


We show experienced coaches how to get better results to keep clients longer & charge more in the process. So each client is worth much more to them over the lifetime of the relationship. That means they need less clients to earn the same amount of money.


We teach a particular coaching process to new coaches to be able to start coaching. This process is flexible and each coach can tailor it to suit any stage of their coaching experience.

Certified Partnership

With most business coaching companies in order to gain access to their tools and systems, you have to become part of the franchise. Working under a franchise is often very restrictive and limits the creativity and reach of individual coaches. 

With our programme, you become a partner and have the full freedom to use our materials in a way that suits you and your coaching style. You are also not confined to territories and can offer your coaching services to clients globally.

The Business Coach Academy developed the coaching curriculum with the best interest of all our coaches in mind. We really tried to create the most in-depth and comprehensive programme on the market. We are continually working on improving the system and making sure each person who signs up achieves the results they deserve.

Zander Woodford-Smith

Founder Business Coach Academy, Co-Author International Best Seller "Better Business, Better Life, Better World. Coaching Tools used by over 20,000 people.

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