The Profit Coach Certified Partner Programme helps people become highly paid business coaches.  The business coach certification you receive will put you one step ahead of any of your competitors. You’ll be able to deliver important services and keep high-value clients for years. This system will enable you to build a +$10,000 a month business with just a handful of clients paying you $1,000-$5,000 per month because the value you bring to their business allows them to earn much more.

Who is the Profit Coach Certified Partner Programme aimed at?

This business coach certification is for anyone who feels overworked by their 8-6 job. This certification gives you back control of your time. You choose work you actually enjoy doing, helping clients who pay higher rates because they appreciate your value.

The course is for anyone who is looking to be able to have flexibility in their work, and wants to work from anywhere in the world. Being a business coach gives you the financial freedom to live your life the way you have always dreamed of living it.

How to apply to the Profit Coach Certified Partner Programme

Send in your application and we will get back to you with a scheduled phone call interview. Once it has been established that you are a fit for the program you can immediately gain access to the Profit Coach platform.

What does the training include?

 The 9-week online program provides you with all the tools, training, and resources to launch your own successful coaching business.

The Profit Coach course includes:

  • 9 Week Profit Coach Training
  • 1 Year Mentorship & Coaching
  • Full Access to the Coaching Community
  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls
  • Expert Tools & Worksheets Suite
  • 1-1 Calls With Millionaire Coach

The Profit coach training is broken down into 9 modules, and a new module is released each week. Each module is an in-depth discussion of an important aspect of business coaching. Once the training is completed you will receive your business coach certification. You will also still be able to access the course for as long as you need to. You receive lifetime access on any device as well as 100% flexibility to pause or repeat the programme.

Here is a brief overview of each module available in the training:


  • Learn To Think, Act & Be A Hugely Successful Entrepreneur 
  • Week 1 is all about laying the foundations for your new business and making you and your life structured and optimized for achieving results and success in the fastest and easiest possible way.


Learn The Best Coaching Skills To Handle Any Situation

Week 2 gives you total clarity about the difference between business coaching and other change models like, for instance consulting. So you’ll only do what is necessary to get the client game-changing results and WHY you’ll be in such high demand.


  • The EXACT Questions To Ask Clients.
  • By the end of week three, you’ll know exactly how to create major personal shifts in any business owner by following our proven process and asking the exact questions that lead to such remarkable personal change. 
  • 4 Step System To Deliver Immediate Value To Every Client
  • By the end of week 4, you will have a clear coaching plan of knowing exactly where to start when working with a new business to deliver immediate value. Every session is templated and already done for you to deliver incredible value.


  • The Secrets To Deliver Insane Results & Keep Clients For Years
  • By the end of week 5, you will have a clear process of what to do each step of the way to keep delivering game-changing results for your clients. As a result, they will be desperate to keep paying for your coaching month after month.


  • Build Confidence And Credibility For FREE
  • Once you’ve completed week 6 you’ll know how to both get and conduct, free business coaching sessions. These will help you have confidence in your new abilities and prove to you that you can change people’s businesses and lives by asking simple questions.


  • Craft An Irresistible Offer Clients Can’t Say No To
  • By the end of week 7 you’ll have the perfect offer and profile set up that can attract prospects into warm leads ready to speak to you and become a client without having to deal with any complicated marketing or create landing pages or any stressful techie stuff.


  • Sign High Ticket Clients Without Even A Website!
  • By the end of week 8, you’ll be able to generate 1-5K clients on-demand using the FAST Funnel with $0 advertising spend, as a result, you can go out and increase your income by $1-5K / month whenever you want- now that’s true financial security!


  • Put Your Monthly Income On Increasing Autopilot
  • This week is where we continuously expand ways to make your coaching business easier to run and more profitable. It’s these elite tactics and tools that generate the HUGE numbers you’ve seen our members hit.

Cost: $5000 license fee, $5000 membership fee 

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