Many coaches are hesitant to join our programme as they already have clients that they have been coaching using a different system. This is completely fine! It is very easy to integrate the P.R.O.F.I.T. system with clients you already have because of the flexibility of the programme.

You can easily transition to the P.R.O.F.I.T. system over time, or just integrate the various aspects you find useful.

New coaches

For coaches reading this post who are newer to coaching, you would benefit from practising doing more alignments. You can position it to do a full alignment as part of their coaching programme. 

Say that it makes sense for them to do a full alignment and that you usually charge $2000 dollars or whatever your fee is. This time suggest doing it either at a discounted price or free in exchange for a testimonial, depending on your confidence levels.

Accomplished coaches

If you are already an accomplished coach, I suggest that you try and integrate the P.R.O.F.I.T system with your clients gradually. Weave various aspects of the positioning and alignment into the sessions you are doing over a couple of months.

An example of weaving in the positioning would be to make sure you’ve covered the time mastery in a coaching session. Then add in the energy work in the next session alongside what you are working on. Teach them drains and boosts. It is so important to get the time mastery and default diary right so clients don’t end up overwhelmed. 

A good way to weave in the aspects of the alignment would be to do an orbit in one of the coaching sessions. This will give you the opportunity to do the future positioning and also give your clients the dream designer for lifestyle/personal goals in another coaching session. 

You can explain what needs to be completed and then review it in the next session. Always be sure to explain the value of what they are doing when you introduce these. Try and get a 90-day plan in place so that your clients have total clarity on what they need to be focussed on. This is vital in order for them to be closing the gap between their current and desired reality.

Be sure to do this in bite-size pieces so that you do not overwhelm your clients. This will enable you to get the shift in thinking and/or behaviour and future positioning to help your retention figures and their results.

Pam Featherstone

Pam is a world-renowned, multi-award-winning, business coach, entrepreneur, global trainer, speaker and author. She has over 36 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, and business planning.

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