Do I need coaching experience to join the Business Coach Academy Certified Partner Programme?

A popular question we get is, can the programme work for you if you have never coached before? – And the answer is a resounding YES! There are a few reasons why coaching experience is not a necessity for us at the Business Coach Academy.

One of the reasons for this is that we are very selective about who we let into the program. We are very clear about who we will work with. These groups of people usually consist of :

  • Former business owners
  • Corporate executive
  • existing business coaches

If you fall into any of these categories you will likely have had some previous management, leadership experience, and ability to work with people. So you already have to some extent some coaching knowledge, even if you don’t realise it yet.


Our training also starts right from the very beginning on how to be a world-class business coach. Right from the ethics and guidelines all the way to exactly how to structure a coaching session. Our Certified Partner Programme gives you all the information you will need to set up your business and enter into your first coaching relationship.

Our team will be there to guide you through the entire process step by step. We also provide with all the tools and materials you could ever need, to run a successful coaching business.

You are absolutely covered because:

  1. We are very selective on who let into our training programme
  2. People we let in already have some knowledge of working with people and leadership
  3. Our system does a lot of the work for you

Proven results

Many people who have gotten the best results at the Business Coach Academy had never been coaches before and had no coaching experience. One of the reasons they got such amazing results was because they had no preconceived ideas of coaching or bad habits that they had to unlearn. They just followed the system exactly, and this worked for them really well.

Whereas in some cases we have had coaches who already had clients, that joined the programme. After doing the training they realised the client relationship they currently had was not ideal, and they had to restructure what they had been working on and this actually slowed their progress down.

Our Certified Partner Programme is designed to help coaches no matter what their experience.  This is one of the reasons we created the Business Coach Academy and the Certified Partner Programme.

Zander Woodford-Smith

Founder Business Coach Academy, Co-Author International Best Seller "Better Business, Better Life, Better World. Coaching Tools used by over 20,000 people.

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