Do I need a big list or social media following to gain clients?

Lots of people think they need a huge presence and marketing budget to be successful as a business coach, but that’s not true. To be a successful business coach there is really no need for a big list or social media following to gain clients.

The big names you hear about like Tony Robins or Same Ovens, they are working off of a completely different business model than you are. They are often selling a low-end product to a mass market of people.  These people are trying to get scale and they need scale in order to make it work because they have large teams that need to be paid and huge marketing budgets.

This is not the case at the Business coach academy at all.

You can spend nothing on marketing and sign a client worth $2000 a month. If you keep that client for 5 years that client is worth over a quarter of a million dollars to you, and that’s a very reasonable amount of time to keep a client for.  If you have 4 clients, you’re already earning a million dollars, this shows you only need a few clients in order to be successful. 

You don’t need thousands of people to be interested. You only want to target people who resonate with the problems you can solve, because of your background and training you have done as part of the Business Coach Academy Certified Partnership.

To make sure you are targeting the right people, you actually want to turn more people off. Because then the eventual people who do resonate with you, will be much more likely to actually make use of your services.

The marketing we help our users create is very specific, it uses industry jargon, very specific claims and experience – it’s not generic at all. 

Why? Because you only need a few people to have a phenomenal income and lifestyle. One of our clients was able to earn 23 thousand pounds a month just with 11 clients.

How did he do this? 

If he was speaking to people on LinkedIn, and they would ask a question- he would write an entire article outlining the answer and post it. This article would then resonate completely with that person, and that’s all you need- one client completely convinced that you can help them to succeed.

None of our successful certified partners had a big social media following, huge presence or a team of people to help them. All you need to do is make sure that through your marketing you are really resonating with the people who best suit the services you offer.

Why have the stress of dealing with thousands of customers, when you can be earning good money with a few high revenue recurring clients?

Zander Woodford-Smith

Founder Business Coach Academy, Co-Author International Best Seller "Better Business, Better Life, Better World. Coaching Tools used by over 20,000 people.

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