It’s confusing to choose which business coach franchise or license will work for you. Here’s an overview of what’s available.

So you’ve decided you want to become a business coach…

That’s amazing! 

It’s such an exciting industry, and we know you’ve made a decision that you won’t regret. But before you can jump in and become a business coach, you want to:

  • get certified
  • have some industry knowledge
  • maybe a qualification or two to back you up. 

There are a lot of companies offering Business Coach Franchise opportunities or Licenses. And let’s be honest, they don’t come cheap, so making the right choice is hugely important. Even though here at Business Coach Academy we might be slightly biased towards our own certified partner programme, it is important to know about the other available options.

Remember, each coach is on their own individual journey. What might work for someone else might not work for you, so take your time to research each course thoroughly. 

Business coach franchises and licenses mentioned:

  1. ActionCoach
  2. Business Coach academy 
  3. The Entrepreneurs Source
  4. Growth Coach
  5. Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Franchise
  6. International Coaching Academy
  7. Chrysalis Partners
  8. High Achievers
  9. The Core Asset
  10. Business Doctors
  11. Leadership management UK
  12. Sandler Training Franchise
  13. Uk Business Mentoring
  14. The Alternative Board

Business coach


Who they are

The business coach franchise, ActionCoach was founded by the Australian born entrepreneur, Brad Sugars in 1993. The vision of ActionCOACH is to re-educate business owners on how to build more profitable businesses. With this, they also aim to decrease stress in their coaches’ working lives, and to attract, grow and retain great teams within a thriving company culture.

What their course offers 

As part of the initial fee, you receive a 5-day or 10-day intensive training workshop where you will learn a variety of coaching techniques. Before you attend coaching training there is also a 4-week pre-training workshop that helps you prepare for the workshops that follow. Once completed you will become a certified ActionCoach, and be allowed to operate under their business coach franchise.

In the workshop ActionCoach states you will learn: 

  • How to use the 9- step ActionCOACH business building system 
  • Ways to coach someone to an investment decision with the ActionCOACH sales system 
  • The right way to deliver the alignment and coach business owners
  • ActionCOACH’s 344 sales, marketing, and profit strategies 
  • How to deliver ActionCOACH seminars and workshops 
  • How to build a winning team More personal growth than you can imagine.

The course options for ActionCoach are divided into three-course packages:

The Action Pro

This course includes the 5-day training workshop as well as the ActionCoach license at the end of your training. Moreover, you will be provided with continuous support from the team. Only the business coaching revenue streams will be available to you, and not the full database of resources. You will also be a part of the ActionCoach team and be allowed to operate under their business coach franchise

Price $20k. From month 4 there is a management fee of $1,000 or 20% of income per month and 5% of your revenue is pooled in a coaches’ marketing fund.

Provides: Training, Certification, License


This course includes the 5-day training workshop and your investment in an ActionCOACH license. You also have full access to all of the intellectual property of the marketing and admin team. You will also be a part of the ActionCoach business coach franchise.

Price: $60k. From month 4 there is a management fee of $1,800 per month and 5% of your revenue is pooled in a coaches’ marketing fund. Once your revenue exceeds $15k in a month the marketing fund is capped and the management fee switches to a percentage basis.

Provides: Training, Certification, License


This coaching course gives you all of the benefits of the ActionPRACTICE . Once the business is banking $15k+ per month, you will be allowed to employ another business coach, and once your employee coach is banking over $10k you are allowed to take on a 3rd coach in your business.

Price: $75k From month 4 there is a management fee of $1,500 per month per coach. 5% of your revenue is also pooled in a coaches’ marketing fund to promote your business in ways that might be a stretch on your own. Once your revenue exceeds $15k in a month the marketing fund is capped and the management fee switches to a percentage basis.

Provides: Training, Certification, License

Business Coach Academy 

Who they are

Founded by Zander Woodford-Smith and Pam Featherstone, Business Coach Academy aims to give their coaches the opportunity to achieve financial freedom. Both founders are seen as prominent figures in the coaching industry and have combined their knowledge and experience to create this course. In addition, they have also created multiple tools and frameworks to help new coaches start their business seamlessly.

What their programme offers

Profit Coach training 

This is a 9-week training course, offered through the Business Coach Academy online learning platform. This is a coaching certification program that will help you sign and keep high-value clients and build a financially secure coaching business. You receive lifetime access to the course and can complete it at your own pace. Once the course is completed you will become a certified Profit Coach.

What you receive in the course:

  • 9 Week Profit Coach Training
  • 1 Year Mentorship & Coaching
  • Full Access to the Coaching Community
  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls
  • Expert Tools & Worksheets Suite
  • 1-1 Calls With Millionaire Coach

Price: $ 5000-lifetime access to course, $5000 License 

Provides: Training, Certification, License

Business Coach

The Entrepreneurs Source

Who they are

Founded by Terry Powell in 1998, Entrepreneur’s Source is a resource that provides education, awareness, and discovery. In the same vein, they aim to teach entrepreneurs how to use a franchise business as a path to developing the income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity required for self-sufficiency.

What their programme offers

The coaching course consists of a 12-week training program that teaches you Career Ownership Coaching, their approach to management, and administration. The course will help you become a certified coach as well as develop your leadership skills. The model that the coaching techniques are based around is called ILWE, income, lifestyle, wealth, equity, and this framework helps coaches to define career goals and then create action plans to achieve them.

As part of the initial fee you receive:

  • Network access to a group of like-minded franchisees to brainstorm, share stories, tackle challenges and find success together 
  • On-demand education to enhance your and your business’ performance from the start and throughout your ownership journey

Price: between  $92450 and $100, 750

Provides: Training, Certification, License

Growth Coach

Who they are

Growth Coach was founded by Dan Murphy in 1992 after he left his job at  Deloitte and became the first Growth Coach. The systems generated by Growth Coach aim to open the door to a wide range of additional project work, sales coaching, and management consulting.

What their programme offers

There is not a fixed criterion for people who apply to Growth Coach however, they do have some preferences. Usually, the programme is aimed at investors with the financial and professional resources available to provide for all startup costs and the costs associated with living while they get their business off the ground. A solid history of business, training, human resources or coaching experience is preferred

As part of the initial fee you receive:

  • Access to the Growth Coach, coaching community
  • Their 90-day “Secret to Success” marketing strategy  
  • Training programs and site visits to The Growth Coach group sessions

Price: Starting at $57 000– $78 900

Provides: License, training

Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Franchise

Who they are

Entrepreneurs Circle offers training and step-by-step tools you need to work with any small business. The training helps you to identify a business’s biggest opportunities, and help them get results. You don’t need any previous business or marketing experience to apply to Entrepreneurs Circle, and become part of the business coach franchise.

What their programme offers

  • An eight-part online training program   
  • Training by founder Nigel Botterill 
  • Supply of resources
  • In-person training days

Price: £4,999 for initial training and joining fee, and a £399/month license fee. 

Provides: Training, License 

Successful Coach

International Coaching Academy 

Who they are

The business was conceptualized in 1998 by premier business consultant and personal success expert, M.D. John Haynes. ICA business coaching franchise specializes in individual and organizational transformation. Moreover, they also provide 1-1 training for both businesses and coaches.

What their programme offers

Coaching training can be done at the Academy office in Liverpool city center, at your business premises, or online through the International Coaching Academy online learning platform. Once a registration fee is paid you can form part of their business coach franchise.

As part of the course, you will receive 

  • A tried-and-tested business model – A blueprint for your success.
  • Launch program
  • Initial and ongoing in-depth training
  • Ongoing head office support
  • Your own territory in the UK
  • Website and marketing profile
  • A comprehensive operations manual

Price: The initial franchise fee is £19,500 with setting up costs and working capital around £5,000 making the minimum investment £25,000.

Provided: Training, Certification

Chrysalis Partners

Who they are

They are a company that provides business coaching services and are always eager to get more coaches on their team. They aim to help businesses become more profitable, by providing support and guidance.

What their programme offers

  • 5-day residential training course.
  • 3-month Enhanced Support Program with experienced Business Coach.
  • Inclusive appointments from head office. 
  • Full access to the Chrysalis Partners coaching and consulting system.
  • Chrysalis Partners’ operating license.
  • Ongoing training to include new materials developed.
  • Your own Chrysalis Partners website and lead generation system.

Price: £34,950

Provided: Training, License 

High Achievers

Who they are

High Achievers is a company that was initially founded in 1998. When the company started, it was based on the principle of helping entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners embrace a lifestyle of High Achievement. The team is currently led by David Alexander.  His focus is on how he can help others build their perfect small business. Because of this focus, High Achievers has created the Nexpert Coaching system.

What their programme offers

The Nexpert Coaching system is a 2-day training course for business owners, entrepreneurs, business coaches, and business consultants. The coaching course is designed to work for people who already have access to a network of business owners or clients, and have previous industry knowledge.

The Nexpert Coaching program offers the following:

  • systems, support, and a license to resell a business
  • a business plan
  • marketing plan
  • sales training 
  • a sales funnel 

Price: $450

Provides: license, limited training

The Core Asset

Who they are

The Core Asset was founded in 2016 by former professional rugby player Steve Hackney. Together with his business partner Peter Finlay, Steve developed The Core Asset – a company that works with small and medium-sized businesses to accelerate their sales and profits.  Because of the success they received with Core Asset, they went on to start the Business Mentoring System. This programme trains Business coaches and helps them start their careers.

What their programme offers

  • The Prospect-To-Client Management System
  • 3 Lead Magnets
  • Your Own Tailored ‘Conversion Web Pages’
  • Direct Mail Marketing System
  •  Lead-To-Client Conversion System
  • Mentoring Service
  • Implementation System 
  •  21-Day Online Training 

Price: £797, Plus £35 Per Month For Each Of Your Clients Accessing The Vault

Provides: Training, certification

Business coaching course

Business Doctors

Who they are

Business Doctors were established in 2004, and since then they have built a team of experienced business professionals. As a result of many years in the industry, Businesses Doctors is a well-established business coaching franchise. The franchise operates a national network able to support business development initiatives down to provincial and local area levels.

They offer a coaching and consulting platform, which makes it easier to start and or scale your professional services business. They then have three plans for different levels of Franchise Associates in the business.

What they offer:


  • Int. Certification
  •  Training
  •  CRM
  •  Content
  •  Platform
  •  Brand
  •  Profit Share
  •  Sales Resources

Price: R12 000 per year

Provides: Training, Certification


  • Int. Certification
  •  Training
  •  CRM
  •  Ops Manual
  •  Platforms
  •  Brand & Website
  •  Profit Share
  •  Sales Resources

Price: R54 000 for 2 years

Provides: Training, Certification


  •  Int. Certification
  •  Training
  •  CRM
  •  IP. Ops Manual
  •  Platforms
  •  Brand & Website
  •  Profit Share
  •  Sales Resources

Price: R124 000 for 3 years

Provides: Training, Certification

Senior Partner

  •  Int. Certification
  •  Training
  •  CRM
  •  IP, Ops Manual
  •  Platforms
  •  Brand & Website
  •  Profit Share
  •  Sales Resources

Price: R242 000 for 5 years

Provides: Training, Certification

Leadership management UK

Who they are

LMI UK is a team of independent coaches, trainers and consultants who offer leadership, management, and personal development solutions to their clients.

To become an accredited business coaching franchise member of LMI and receive coaching training, there are various stages that you will have to complete.

The following are the various stages:

1st Investment: £49+Vat

Attend the Foundations of Success Workshop that introduces the ideas and practical tools that underpin LMI’s approach to business development.

Duration: 1/2 Day

2nd Investment: £3,000+Vat

Join the LMI UK team as an Associate, by completing LMI’s development programme whilst being trained in the basics of LMI’s sales and coaching process. If you want to, you can continue as an LMI UK team member without further investment or you can proceed towards becoming a full franchisee.

Duration: 8 Weeks

3rd Investment: £6,000+Vat

At this stage, you will be coached through LMI’s Leadership Programme as well as being given intensive training and support to develop your LMI business in the direction you would like it to go.

Duration: 12 Weeks

4th Investment: £6,450+Vat

this final investment takes you to full franchisee status. You will receive access to and master copies of all LMI programmes and be in a position to begin building your own LMI team.

Total Price: £21499

Provides: Certification, license

Business Coaching Franchise

Sandler Training Franchise

Who they are

Founded in 1983 the Franchise aims to offer individuals and opportunity for growth. Their goals are to allow people to achieve work/life balance, earn the money they deserve, and make a difference in the lives of their clients.

The Sandler Training Franchise offers the following:

  • Intensive initial training
  • Dedicated business coach
  • Three annual Sandler conferences
  • National branding campaign & marketing support (for US franchisees only)
  • Weekly teleconference calls
  • Sandler online learning & development

Price: £55,000 +vat

Provides: Training, certification, License 

Uk Business Mentoring

Who they are

UK business mentoring is focused around helping business owners with whatever challenges they face whether that be around people management, financials, marketing or any other area. 

The training course will provide you with:

  • Training on all aspects of the role including, Delivery of business development seminars
  • Undertaking the Zulu Business Review
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Marketing
  • Preparing your business plan

Price: £35,000

Provides: Training, License

The Alternative board

Who they are

TAB helps SME business owners grow their businesses, increase profitability, and improve their lives by leveraging local business advisory boards, private business coaching, and using proprietary strategic processes. As a TAB business coach franchisee, you will deliver real-world advice to help business owners stay focused on what matters most.

The Franchise Packages :

Full Franchise:

  • Franchise Fee of £40,000
  • Training Fee of £14,500
  • Marketing Spend Required in Year 1 of £10,000
  • Royalty  of 20% payable
  • Term of 10 years with 5-year break clause

Option to purchase a franchise

  • Option fee of £10,000 (redeemable on conversion)
  • Training Fee of £14,500
  • Marketing Spend Required in Year 1 of £10,000
  • Royalty of 50% payable
  • Term of 2 years

Both packages have training programmes which include:

  • Initial on-site training at TAB Headquarters.
  • An assigned campaign manager to guide the launch of your business.
  • In-territory member recruitment support.
  • Quarterly advanced training.
  • Monthly peer board with fellow TAB franchisees.
  • Annual UK and international conferences.
  • Proven and effective member acquisition and member retention programmes.
  • Support from a community of 100’s of other TAB franchisees and facilitators.


All these companies offer a great quality of service and are well known in the industry. As a result,  we advise that you visit each company website and make sure that the company aligns with what you are looking for from your business coaching experience.

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