Business Coach Academy vs International Coaching Academy

For those of you looking for greater freedom and autonomy as a business coach, perhaps you’ve been looking for a franchise opportunity. However, coaching franchises can be extremely costly and restrictive. (If you’re unfamiliar with coaching franchises, you can read our article here.) Today we’ll be weighing up the pros and cons of The International Coaching Academy against Business Coach Academy, taking a look at what each company offers, the costs you’ll incur, as well as reviews from paying customers.

The International Coaching Academy franchise aims to give franchise owners the opportunity to build their own successful business in a fast-growing, ever-expanding market. While operating a franchise, you will be working with a broad range of people on a daily basis. Clients will vary from individuals to different types of organizations with different challenges, helping everybody to achieve their goals.

International Coaching Academy Costs

If you’re looking to become a franchisee with the International Coaching Academy, you’ll be looking at an initial franchise fee of £19,500. Then there are setting up costs and working capital, which come out to around £5,000, making the minimum investment £25,000.

That’s not too bad compared to other coaching franchises out there, such as Action Coach and Entrepreneurs Source, which can end up costing in excess of 6 figures. But who said you have to buy into a franchise at all?

Business Coach Academy cost

First and foremost, Business Coach Academy is NOT A FRANCHISE. This means becoming a ProCoach requires a minimum upfront investment of as little as £4,950. In fact, there are 3 certification options to choose from:

  • Certification – £4,950 initial investment and no operating costs. This is ideal for people who want more security with an in-demand skillset.
  • Part-time – £4,950 initial investment and £495 monthly operating costs. This is ideal for people who want a side hustle that generates £10,000 per month.
  • Elite – £14,950 initial investment and £990 monthly operating costs. This is ideal for people who want to be self-employed, earning £20,000–£50,000 per month.

Keep in mind that you’re not buying into a franchise, so it’s far more simple, flexible, and affordable compared to coaching franchises. Furthermore, if you don’t hit £10,000 per month, you won’t pay anything; you’ll get £1,000 cash just for the trouble!

Is Buying Into a Franchise a Good Idea?

Buying into a franchise can severely restrict your coaching business. Furthermore, some franchises may urge you to quit your current position, go all in, and take on a great deal of risk. So buying into a franchise isn’t necessarily the best idea. Solutions out there like Business Coach Academy are designed so that you can train to become a prestigious business coach while staying in your current role by simply dedicating a few hours to the training at the weekend.

International Coaching Academy Reviews

Unfortunately, there are no reviews from franchisees—at least none that we could find. However, when you take a look at coaching franchises as a whole, you’ll find that they usually require you to:

  • Invest huge amounts of capital upfront
  • Follow their business & coaching models, which only work for a select few
  • Quit your job and take on an excessive amount of risk
  • Sign an incredibly lengthy and restrictive contract

It’s regrettable that we couldn’t find any reviews for The International Coaching Academy; however, you can read Business Coach Academy co-founder Pam Featherstone’s experience with a business coaching franchise here.

Business Coach Academy reviews

Similarly to the International Coaching Academy, Business Coach Academy has all 5-star reviews on TrustPilot. They have an outstanding track record when it comes to training business coaches, with 100s of testimonials from coaches. Some of their results include:

  • Coaches who have signed new clients in a matter of days
  • Coaches who have gone from 0 to 6 figures in a one-year timeframe
  • Coaches who only have to work 10 hours per week
  • Coaches who have gained the freedom to work from anywhere in the world

These are just some of the results they’ve been able to help their Certified Coaches achieve, and there are hundreds of others just like them:

Business Coach Academy Testimonial 1
Business Coach Academy Testimonial 2

Who is the International Coaching Academy program aimed at?

ICA states that they are looking for motivated people who share their values, are passionate about business, and have a strong desire to help others. Applicants may already have proven competencies and credentials as a leader, manager, professional, teacher, or entrepreneur in the past, but are now ready for a change and want to develop their own successful business. ICA believes that coaching creates the opportunity for both personal and organizational transformation.

How do you apply to the International Coaching Academy?

You can apply very easily by filling out a get-in-touch form on the company website. Then, their team will get back to you to arrange a phone call or meeting where you’ll discuss whether you’re a good fit for the franchise.

What does the ICA training include?

The ICA will provide you with everything you require to start, operate, and develop a successful business. The coach training program can be done at the Academy office in Liverpool city center, at your premises, or online through the ICA online learning platform.

The training includes:

  • A tried-and-tested business model – a blueprint for your success
  • Launch programme
  • Initial and ongoing in-depth training
  • Ongoing head office support
  • Your own territory in the UK
  • Website and marketing profile 
  • A comprehensive operations manual

Who is the Business Coach Academy License aimed at?

Business Coach Academy’s program is for people with a high level of professional experience; either they’ve worked as business leaders at the director level in the corporate world or ran their own business previously. This experience gives you a strong framework and credibility as you begin your journey towards becoming a prestigious 6-figure business coach.

The program is designed so that it can be done part-time, too. This means that, unlike franchises, you won’t have to give up your busy role, incur huge costs (both upfront and ongoing), and go all-in, taking on a huge level of risk as you do so. They’ve helped directors from prestigious firms like Apple, JCB, IBM, and Nike become successful coaches.

How to apply to the Business Coach Academy License

You can learn more about the license and book your call via the Business Coach Academy website. Once it’s been established that you’re fit for the program, you’ll have immediate access to the Pro Coach platform, community, resources, and materials.

What does the training include?

The online program provides you with all the tools, training, and resources to launch your own highly successful coaching business.

The ProCoach Training

Each program has slightly different training. The accredited coach certification consists of 9 modules, while the Part-Time program has an additional 9 modules around sales and marketing. Finally, the Elite program has an additional 3 modules to help you build your coaching business to £20,000–£50,000 per month. Here’s an overview of the first 9 modules you’ll go through as part of the certified coach training program.

Each module is an in-depth discussion around one vital aspect of business coaching, and once all 9 modules have been completed, you’ll receive your certification. You’ll also have access to the course and the learning materials forever on any device, as well as complete flexibility as to whether you want to pause or repeat any parts of the program.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • 9 weeks training
  • 1 year mentorship
  • Full access to the extensive community of coaches
  • Monthly live Q&As
  • Expert tools, worksheets, and materials to help your coaching business
  • 1-1 Zoom calls with a millionaire coach

Here’s an overview of each coaching module:

Going Pro

The first week of the Pro Coach training is all about laying the foundations for your new business. This involves structuring and optimizing for achieving success in the easiest, fastest way possible.

Best Coach

The second module is concerned with learning the best coaching skills to handle any situation. This second module is designed to give you total clarity about the difference between coaching and other change models, such as consulting. This means you only need to do what’s necessary to get your client exceptional results, and, as a result, your services will be in very high demand.

Coached Model

In the Coached Model module, you’ll learn the exact questions to ask clients. You’ll learn precisely how to create major personal shifts in any business owner by following a proven process—a 4-step system to deliver immediate value to every client you ever coach. You’ll have a clear coaching plan and know exactly how to deliver immediate value to any new client. Every session will be templated and already done for you, making your life as easy as possible.

Client Rulebook

By week 5, you’ll be learning how to create a clear process that helps you deliver exceptional results and, most importantly, retain your clients for years.

Proof Generator

In this stage of training, you’ll build confidence and credibility by getting and conducting free business coaching sessions. These will prove that you have the ability to change people’s organizations and lives by following what you’ve learned in the previous modules, eliminating any sense of imposter syndrome or lack of confidence in yourself and your own ability. It will also give you valuable coaching experience as you move forward.

Perfect Offer

By the end of week 7, you’ll have crafted the perfect offer and profile setup to attract prospects in your niche who are ready to talk and become paying clients without having to deal with overly complex marketing funnels or things of a technical nature.

Fast Funnel

Nearing the end of your training, you’ll have the FAST Funnel at your fingertips, a proven system to generate £1000-£5000 PCM clients on-demand with £0 ad spend. This means you can increase your income whenever you want and achieve true financial security.

Income Escalator

In the final week of your training, you’ll learn how to continuously make your coaching business easier to run and, at the same time, more profitable. These elite tools and tactics have helped generate results like this:

Business Coach Academy Testimonial 3
Business Coach Academy Testimonial 4

Upon completion of all 9 modules, you’ll have your professional certification. With your new accreditation, you’ll be that much closer to your coaching goals!

Business Coach Academy or International Coach Academy?

Both seem like solid options and great companies overall if you’re looking to become an established coach. However, Business Coach Academy is not a franchise. This means it’s more than possible to get the same, if not better, results at just a fraction of the price. Furthermore, you won’t have to give up your job to go all in; there’s no lengthy contract, and, to begin with, you can do everything by committing just 5 hours of your time at the weekend.

Final Note

Feeling overworked and burned out in your corporate professional life? Dreaming of a better life where you have the autonomy, work-life balance, and family time you deserve? Or are you worried about job security and feel like you need an exit strategy from your current high-stress job? Learn more about how you could become the next Business Coach Academy success story here.

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