Advice for all coaches: when a prospect cancels or delays a call, find out the reason. I’ve known Coaches who have refused to rebook a prospect after a couple of times and I always advise against this. If they are continuously rescheduling then clearly there is interest and life is getting in the way for them. They need a coach!

Often they are dealing with so much chaos, which is a big part of the reason they want to speak with you. They then end up prioritising dealing with the latest fire instead of their call with you. It’s a clear sign they need your support and guidance if they can’t even commit to and keep a phone appointment.

Messaging Examples

You don’t want people continuously booking with you then not turning up. So at the third attempt, I’d ‘be the coach’ and write to them. Say something along these lines (to suit your own personality): 

“I appreciate life gets in the way sometimes. If you want things to be different in your life, at some point you need to have a new approach. I’m confident I can add value to you and your business when you can commit to our call. I’m looking forward to speaking with you and trust you can make the next appointment work for you so you make a start on that new approach’.

Another approach I’ve used is,

 “I see you have rescheduled for the third time (or I see you have cancelled/postponed). Is it simply a particularly challenging week/month or is it always like this for you? Either way, I’m certain I will add value to you and your business in our call whatever challenges you have going on. I look forward to speaking with you on (DATE) at (TIME). As they say, 3rd time lucky! Warmest Regards, Pam “

4th time of a postpone/reschedule or cancellation and I would write ‘being the coach’.

“Hi Fred, it’s disappointing you have had to move the appointment again. I was looking forward to finding out more about your current challenges and sharing strategies about how you can move forward. I appreciate life’s getting in the way at the moment.

Let’s leave it for a couple of weeks so you can clear a space properly in your diary and then we can catch up. If clearing a space in your diary feels like an impossible task at the moment then make sure we speak. I will definitely be able to support you in improving that situation.

At some point, you have to stop and make way for a new approach if you are going to have different results and a better way of dealing with the day to day of business and life. I look forward to hearing from you either confirming our appointment on DATE at TIME or rescheduling later next month. Warmest Regards, Pam “

Short and sweet – actually not so sweet version, 

“ Hi Fred, it’s disappointing you have had to cancel/postpone again. I can only add value to you and your business if we get to speak. A huge part of my requirement from my clients is commitment. With this in mind, I’m not sure this is the right time for you. Let’s keep in touch until you are ready to find out more/discuss your challenges and options.”

The latter usually results in a higher deselection rate. Those who are sparked in a good way by it, usually convert. They are fearful of it being taken away. Some take exception so you need to decide what you are prepared to do. Remember, Truth hurts. There’s no wrong or right, it’s a personal preference. I certainly would not use the last message for the first three rebookings.


It always pays off to go after the people who show initial interest. You never know the reasons why a prospect cancels or delays a call. And a little prompt from you could be just what they needed!

Pam Featherstone

Pam is a world-renowned, multi-award-winning, business coach, entrepreneur, global trainer, speaker and author. She has over 36 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, and business planning.

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