Profit Coach vs ActionCoach

Once you have read through the Profit Coach System, you can then compare it to the ActionCoach franchise license and find the one that best suits your needs.

ActionCoach describes their franchising license as a good fit for someone who wants to have the ability to work from home or their office. It allows one coach to work per license with full access to all of the intellectual property as well as the admin team; marketing and selling. 

Who is the ActionCoach Franchise License aimed at?

ActionCoach calls the course they offer ActionPractice. It is aimed at business people who have an investment mindset and the self-discipline to focus on productive activity. If you have owned a business or managed a team, or if you have a sales background it would be beneficial. Applicants will need to have a good understanding of the principles of business, an entrepreneurial spirit, and motivation. To ascertain areas where an applicant will need the most support, the Franchise will use the DISC behavior assessment tool. Afterward, they will discuss the results with the applicant. 

How to apply to the ActionCoach Franchise License

To apply you need to complete the Applicant Background Information Statement and arrange an interview with the Master Licensee. You will then have the opportunity to share any questions you may have. If you are successful at the interview, a Discovery Day meeting will be arranged. At the end of the Discovery Day meeting, if you are a good fit, you receive all the pre-training materials in return for a $1000 refundable deposit. You will also go through the franchise agreement with a Franchise Recruiter. If ActionCoach believes that you have a great chance of success, and you want to pursue the opportunity, ActionCoach will complete your franchise paperwork, and award your ActionCOACH license. 

What does the training include?

As part of the initial fee, you receive a 5-day or 10-day intensive training workshop where you will learn a variety of coaching techniques. Before you attend coaching training there is also a 4-week pre-training workshop that helps you prepare for the workshops that follow. Once completed you will become a certified ActionCoach.

Pre Training

Your orientation begins with the Global Foundation Program. The Global Foundation Program covers the fundamentals of business coaching. You will learn through books, videos, and worksheets. Running in tandem with the Global Foundation Program is the Regional Foundation Program. This will equip you to set up your business and use the ActionCOACH systems effectively. Once you have completed the Foundation Programs, you will do the 10-day certification training.

10-Day Certification Training

Three of the company’s MasterCOACHes will conduct this highly intensive part of the training. They will cover the three key areas of running a successful ActionCOACH business namely; Working with Mindset; Business Coaching, encompassing our tools and systems, and Operations, which will equip you to run your business.

Post Induction Training and Support

To entrench what you have learned during your induction training you will participate in a structured online Program of 15 minutes a day. Through this ActionCoach aims to reinforce your knowledge, build confidence in your capabilities, and keep you on track as a successful coach.

In the workshop ActionCoach states you will learn: 

  • How to use the 9- step ActionCOACH business building system 
  • The way to coach someone to an investment decision with the ActionCOACH sales system 
  • How to deliver the alignment and coach business owners
  • ActionCOACH’s 344 sales, marketing, and profit strategies 
  • How to deliver ActionCOACH seminars and workshops 
  • How to build a winning team More personal growth than you can imagine.

Costs involved

$60k covers your training and your investment in an ActionCoach license to market, sell, and coach within your territory. From month 4 there is a management fee of $1,800 per month. The franchise will pool 5% of your revenue into a coaches’ marketing fund to enable you to promote your business. Once your revenue exceeds $15k a month the marketing fund is capped and the fee switches to a percentage basis

There are however many other certified partner and franchising opportunities that you could review.

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