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Before making an informed decision on whether or not to spend your hard-earned money with Mindvalley, it’s important to get all the available facts. So today, we’re going to be covering everything you need to know before making that decision. We’ll weigh up the pros and cons, take a look at some Mindvalley reviews, the costs involved, popular alternatives, and much more.

But before we start our deep dive, let’s take a look at the bigger picture.

What Is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley Coaching is an online platform founded by Vishen Lakhiani way back in 2002. The platform is geared towards personal development and “transformative learning,” and with over 10 million students from around the world and a team of more than 300 international experts, they offer a wide range of courses known as “Mindvalley Quests.” These “Quests” cover topics such as mind, body, soul, entrepreneurship, career, and relationships.

As well as providing online courses, they also offer:

  • mentoring
  • global events
  • additional channels like talks and podcasts
  • free courses
  • weekly masterclasses

All-in-all, their diverse range of offerings means they’ve become extremely mainstream in the crowded e-learning space—a one-stop-shop, if you like. But, nevertheless, is Mindvalley really worth all the hype? Let’s find out.

Our Comprehensive Mindvalley Review

We’ve compiled everything you need to know into the following article.

First things first, let’s look at who the Mindvalley platform is actually designed for.

Who Should Consider Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is great for individuals who are seeking personal growth and new learning experiences, and they cater to a really wide range of interests and goals. From speed reading to coaching, from weight loss to public speaking, they seem to have it all. However, this is extremely broad and may dilute the depth and quality of their courses, as we’ll see later in some of the Mindvalley reviews. That being said, whether you’re a career professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply someone who wants to lead a more fulfilled and purposeful life, Mindvalley probably offers something for you. There really isn’t a “best fit” in this scenario.

However, the platform is especially useful for self-professed lifelong learners and those who prefer an online learning platform. The online aspect gives you convenience and flexibility, and their platform is very user-friendly. They put a specific emphasis on community and engagement, so the platform is supposed to provide an immersive learning environment.

Who Might Want to Look Elsewhere?

There are quite a few reasons you may want to look beyond Mindvalley. Some of those reasons include:

Specific learning goals. If you have specific learning goals that fall outside of Mindvalley’s course offerings, you may want to look elsewhere for platforms that cater to those specific topics. This also ties into the next reason.

Another platform may be better suited to your goals. If you already have a clear idea of your goals, another, more specialized platform may be better for you since they’ll offer more quality and depth into topics.

Preferred learning formats. If you’d rather learn through interactive workshops, in-person classes, or 1-to-1 mentorship, pre-recorded video courses may not be right for you. Again, another platform that offers these things may be better suited to you.

Limited time or availability. Most people are very time-short; they have a full-time job, a family to take care of, they need to make time to exercise, and they just have very busy schedules overall. If that’s you and you don’t have much time or availability in your everyday life, you may find it challenging to fully engage with Mindvalley’s courses. In cases like this, platforms that offer more flexible learning options or shorter course durations may be more suitable.

Alternatives For People Who Want To Look Elsewhere

Business Coach Academy Vs Mindvalley

When looking at e-learning, it’s important to explore different options and not just go with the first platform you see. Chances are, there’s a better alternative out there somewhere for you.

If you’re a corporate leader, executive, or have run your own business in the past and are looking at the Mindvalley coaching certification or any of their courses to do with entrepreneurship or careers, this may be a better option for you.

Feeling overworked in your corporate position? Dreaming of a better life where you have the autonomy, work-life balance, and family time you deserve? Or are you worried about job security and feel like you need an exit strategy from your current high-stress job? Learn more about how you could become the next Business Coach Academy success story here.

Business Coach Academy

Business Coach Academy is an alternative for people with a high level of business experience; either they’ve worked as business leaders at the director level in the corporate world or ran their own business previously.

The program is designed so that it can be done part-time, meaning you won’t have to give up your busy role, incur huge costs (both upfront and ongoing), and go all-in, taking on a huge level of risk as you do so.

They’ve helped directors from prestigious firms like Apple, JCB, IBM, and Nike become successful coaches.

Here’s what you get as part of their coaching certification:

  • 9 weeks training
  • 1 year training
  • Full access to the extensive coaching community
  • Monthly live Q&As
  • Expert tools, worksheets, and materials to help your coaching business
  • 1-1 calls with a millionaire coach

Certification Options

For those looking to become a ProCoach, there are 2 options for you to choose from.

  • Part-time – This is ideal for people who want a side hustle that generates £10,000 per month.
  • Elite – This is ideal for people who want to be self-employed, earning £20,000–£50,000 per month.

This is a much more specialized course for professionals and entrepreneurs, and it arguably offers more depth and insights than any course relating to those topics on the Mindvalley platform. And that’s not even the best part; if you don’t hit £10,000 per month, you won’t pay anything; you’ll get £1,000 cash just for the trouble!

Business Coach Academy Reviews

Business Coach Academy has all 5-star reviews on TrustPilot. They have an outstanding track record when it comes to training business coaches, with 100s of success stories. Some of the results include:

  • Coaches who have signed new clients in a matter of days
  • Coaches who have gone from 0 to 6 figures in the space of a year
  • Coaches who only have to work 10 hours per week
  • Coaches who have gained the freedom to work from anywhere in the world

These are just some of the results they’ve been able to help their certified coaches achieve, and there are 100s of others just like them:

TrustPilot Reviews
Business Coach Academy Testimonials 1
Business Coach Academy Testimonials 2

How to Get Started

Start here: Learn more about how you could become the next Business Coach Academy success story.

Mindvalley Coaching Certification Costs

There are currently 5 Mindvalley programs in the area of coaching, ranging from $2,999 to $5,999. Their cheapest coaching certifications are both fitness-related, whereas their most expensive certification program is for business coaching.

The breakdown of their coaching certifications is as follows:

  • Business coaching certification ($5,999)
  • Life coaching certification ($3,499)
  • Hypnotherapy coaching certification ($4,499)
  • 10X Fitness coaching certification ($2,999)
  • Holobody coaching certification ($2,999)

Discounts are available occasionally for these courses.

Is There A Mindvalley Business Coach Certification?

Yes, they do have a business coaching certification. The Mindvalley Business Coaching certification program costs $5,999 in total, which can be paid upfront or in 7 monthly instalments, with $200 paid upfront and occasional discounts available.

Key Features and Benefits of Mindvalley Courses

Two of the biggest key features of the Mindvalley platform that we were able to identify are the Mindvalley life assessment and the Mindvalley community.

The “life assessment” is designed to help you identify areas of your life that require attention and improvement. This assessment test allows you to personalize your learning journey and select the courses that best align with your own personal goals. Overall, this would be good if you’re someone who knows you want to develop personally or professionally but isn’t sure where to start.

Their community is there to offer encouragement and support to all members, giving you the opportunity to connect with other individuals who are on a similar journey.

Another thing worth noting are their free masterclasses. These may not be of very high quality, but they’re free nonetheless.

Course Categories

The Mindvalley classes fall into 6 categories. These categories are mind, body, soul, entrepreneurship, career, and relationships.

  1. Mind: The mind category focuses on enhancing mental abilities, improving mindsets, and developing a better understanding of oneself. Courses in this category include “Uncompromised Life” by Marisa Peer.
  2. Body: The body category is all about improving health, fitness, and overall well-being. Courses in this category include “The Longevity Blueprint” by Ben Greenfield.
  3. Soul: The soul category delves into spiritual growth, emotional intelligence, and personal fulfillment. Courses in this category include “Duality” by Jeffrey Allen.
  4. Entrepreneurship: This category is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals looking to succeed in their careers. Courses in this category include “Quest for Personal Mastery” by Dr. Srikumar Rao.
  5. Career: The career category focuses on professional development and advancement. Courses in this category include “Hero. Genius. Legend.” by Robin Sharma.
  6. Relationships: The relationships category explores various aspects of personal and professional relationships. Courses in this category include “Conscious Parenting Mastery” by Dr. Shefali Tsabary.

Here are some examples of popular courses:

Course CategoryCourse Examples
MindUncompromised Life, Becoming Limitless
BodyThe Longevity Blueprint, The Mastery of Sleep
SoulEnergy Medicine, Duality
EntrepreneurshipQuest for Personal Mastery, The Power of Boldness
CareerHero. Genius. Legend., The Power of Purpose
RelationshipsConscious Parenting Mastery, Conscious Uncoupling

Real Mindvalley Reviews

Mindvalley claims on their website that they have over 20,000 case studies of success. They also claim to have some of the highest success rates in the world when it comes to transforming their learners. But if they have 10 million students, what about the other 9,880,000 who don’t have their own case study? We looked beyond their website to alternative sources for both positive and negative reviews, and here’s what we found.

On TrustPilot:

Next up are the Mindvalley reviews on Trustpilot. Most of these reviews have to do with customer service, and a few have to do with the courses themselves. But, nevertheless, we found some about the courses, and here they are:

“The bang for the buck seems pretty good, and the courses are structured in a way that a working person could benefit from them without undue stress and effort. I don’t know if I’ll be a ‘lifer,’ but as a self-improvement enthusiast, I’m finding a lot to keep me interested.”

Mindvalley Review on TrustPilot

“I’ve just started 3 different courses, but I’m so excited and benefiting already from each one. Gaining clarity about areas in my life I need to upgrade. I love how user-friendly Mindvalley is. I haven’t seen a course or event that doesn’t grab my attention and interest.”

Mindvalley Review on TrustPilot

However, there seemed to be a lot of complaints surrounding customer support, payments, refunds, and a particular YouTube ad campaign run by Mindvalley. We’ll just leave a couple below, and you can read the rest for yourself.

“Total misguidance. They just want the money. I subscribed based on a campaign that was running on YouTube offering an 18-month subscription for the price of one year. This campaign was launched by Vishen himself, and now they are saying my membership is due on Feb 24 instead of Oct 24. Sadly, it is not showing up in my account anymore, so clearly they are manipulating everything in the back end. I already canceled it and will not be part of the Mindvalley community anymore.”

Mindvalley Review on TrustPilot

“The company didn’t provide me with a direct refund when I cancelled within the full refund period. Instead, they made me create an account with a third party, which deducted a transaction fee from my refund.”

Mindvalley Review on TrustPilot

On Reddit:

Reddit communities are always home to a lot of controversy, and when it comes to Mindvalley reviews, the users of the platform didn’t hold back.

The following is a Mindvalley Coaching certification review:

“I did the program, and it was okay. A few notes

1. It’s too high-level IMO, the friends in the program that I made all agreed that it was lacking compared to what we expected.

2. It’s definitely a good-level intro course, but you don’t get into a lot of the detail I was looking for in a coaching course. I really wished there was more structure around how to set up a strategy for longer-term coaching plans and, even more importantly, group sessions.

3. There’s little tangible information about how to start your business—nothing greater than the basics of how to run a business and some templates to have customers sign for legal reasons. I wouldn’t expect to come out knowing exactly what you need to do to get a business going.

Myself and my peers were a bit disappointed by the program. I don’t regret doing it, but I wouldn’t sign up again if I knew what was in store. The best outcome was the people I met through the program.”

Mindvalley Review on Reddit

Another Reddit user backed up this Mindvalley review, saying:

“I definitely agree. Every person I did the course with is now struggling to find clients. I did both the business coaching and life coaching.”

Mindvalley Review on Reddit

On Quora:

And last up, Quora, with a rather negative Mindvalley review.

“My experience was horrible. I paid $500.00 for a membership and access to their online courses, and once I paid, I could not access the courses. They wanted me to pay $399.00 more to get access. When I tried to reach out to their customer service number, it was disconnected. All efforts via chat or email are again useless. I contacted the BBB and found out that they have 67 open complaints for the exact same thing.”

Mindvalley Review on Quora

Mindvalley Membership Options

Mindvalley offers different membership options that provide access to its wide range of courses. They are as follows:

  • All Access Mindvalley Membership: This membership plan provides unlimited access to Mindvalley’s 100+ quests, access to their private social network, 1,000+ guided meditations and therapeutic sounds, and an AI-guided curriculum to customize your interests. This membership can be paid for on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Mindvalley Pro: Mindvalley Pro is an extension of the All Access membership and offers additional exclusive features. It includes everything in the All Access membership, as well as monthly group coaching and “embodiment sessions” with the founder of Mindvalley.

Membership Costs

If you pay monthly for the All Access Mindvalley Membership, it will set you back around $49 per month. This comes out to $588 per year.

An annual subscription comes with a price tag of $399. This works out to $33.25 per month, so if you’re absolutely certain that you’re going to be in it for the long term, this access pass may be a better deal for you.

Membership OptionCost
Monthly Membership$49 per month
Annual Membership$399 per year (equivalent to $33.25 per month)

Additional Expenses and Discounts

Additional Expenses:

Even if you pay for a membership, individual courses or programs may require you to make an additional purchase or pay for a separate membership, so it’s important to check this beforehand.


Mindvalley periodically offers special promotions and discounts, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any discounted rates or limited-time offers. They also have a referral program that allows you to earn rewards when you invite others to join the platform. You could use this as a way to offset the cost of your membership.

Special Events and Global Gatherings

As well as all the above, Mindvalley also organizes special events and global gatherings.

Mindvalley events bring together the community and feature renowned speakers, thought leaders, and experts who share their insights.

On the other hand, their global gatherings are much larger-scale events that bring people together from around the world so that they can connect with each other, learn, and get the full transformational experience. These gatherings usually offer a program of workshops, talks, and interactive sessions that cover a variety of topics.

The Mindvalley Community

One of Mindvalley’s biggest selling points is its community, which extends beyond the courses themselves. You can engage with individuals who have similar goals and benefit from peer support. You can also interact with Mindvalley teachers and mentors, which adds another dimension of learning to the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get the Most Out of Your Mindvalley Experience?

Here are a few things you can do to extract much better value from your Mindvalley experience and unlock your full potential:

  • Have a growth mindset
  • Be prepared to try new things and step outside of your comfort zone.
  • Take the time to explore the different categories and quests.
  • Choose the ones that best align with your goals.
  • Engage with the community and participate in discussions.
  • Seek guidance from mentors.
  • Stay committed and consistent in your learning journey.

Can You Access Mindvalley Courses on Mobile Devices?

Yes, you can access Mindvalley courses on mobile devices through the Mindvalley app. The app is available for download on both iOS via the App Store and Android devices Via Google Play. This allows you to access your courses and other programs on your smartphone, tablet, or even Apple TV. All you need is an internet connection to stream the video lessons and access the resources, a testament to the ease of use of the platform.

What Is the Refund Policy for Mindvalley?

Mindvalley offers a 15-day money-back guarantee for its All Access membership. If you decide that Mindvalley is not the right fit for you within the first 15 days of purchase, you can request a refund. Simply access your Mindvalley account, go to the billing section, and click on the refund link. Refunds are not available for individual quests or programs purchased separately.

Are There Any Prerequisites for Joining Mindvalley?

Mindvalley provides a Mindvalley quiz that can help you identify areas of your life that need attention and recommend quests that align with your goals and interests. The quiz is a helpful tool for choosing the right courses to start with and tailoring your Mindvalley experience to your individual needs.

Is Mindvalley Legit?

Mindvalley boasts over 10 million students worldwide and an impressive 20,000+ case studies, but they also seem to have a lot of unhappy customers. While this may be a given for any business of that size and membership, the only way to find out the truth about Mindvalley is by trying out the platform yourself.

Is Mindvalley Worth It?

It depends on what you’re looking for, so we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

While the wide range of courses, events, and the community might seem great, there may be platforms out there that better suit your specific wants and needs, such as Business Coach Academy for those looking to become business coaches.

Final Note

Feeling overworked in your corporate position? Dreaming of a better life where you have the autonomy, work-life balance, and family time you deserve? Or are you worried about job security and feel like you need a backup plan or an exit strategy to leave all the stress behind?

Learn more about how you could become the next Business Coach Academy success story here.

TrustPilot Reviews
Business Coach Academy Testimonials 1
Business Coach Academy Testimonials 2

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